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About Bodyweaver:

- We provide high quality of zentai, zentai suit, lycra zentai, spandex zentai, lycra and spandex zentai, full body covered unitard, lycra catsuit, zentai catsuit, catsuit zentai.

Lycra and Spandex Zentai

Made from lycra and spandex, very stretch. Lot of color.
  Metallic Zentai
Make from metallic stetch material, shiny and sexy.
  Transparent Zentai
Made from shiny transparent lycra and spandex, attrative and sexy.
  Pantyhose Zentai
Made from velvet pantyhose, sexy and skin tight.
  Mummy Bag Zentai
Made from spandex and lycra, sexy and fetish.
  Animal Pattern Zentai
Made from stretch animal pattern: snake and leopard.
  Leaf and floral Pattern Zentai



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Lycra and Spandex Zentai

Metallic Zentai

Animal Pattern Zentai